Friday, October 3, 2008

Lydia Mc Dowell Taylor's Ancestry

Lydia Mc Dowell was born May 25, 1840 in Oswego NY, and after marrying Spencer Allen Taylor on June 30, 1862 in Blue Earth MN and surviving him, died December 6, 1931 in Oswego OR (near Portland OR). The information below is based on Lydia's and Nettie Tovey's statements in 1928, and Julia Tovey Latimer's statements in 1965 and the Mc. Dowell "Qvelle"-a puzzling document in my handwriting dated 1957 from an unknown original; my check of World Vital Records showed no other information. The first Mc Dowell to arrive was Jonathan Mc Dowell, who was born in 1755 in Glasgow, Scotland, kidnapped at the age of 7 and kept prisoner aboard a British warship until age 19, when he escaped in New York Harbor and settled in New York, marrying "a dutch girl", and having a son Alexander Mc. Dowell in 1780 in New York State.

Alexander Mc Dowell (b. 1780, d. 1873 pl?), had 3 wives
Mary Marshall (b. dpl?, d. dpl?), Alexander's 1st wife
~~~~married before 1808 pl?
*Jonathan Mc Dowell (b. V-18-1808 NY, d. IV-21-1864 FS) AMcD-MM son
* Hannah Coon (b. XII-19-1811 NY State, d. VII-16-1888 PK) his wife
~~~~married I-29-1831 pl?
**David Henry Mc Dowell (b. 1834 pl?, d. 1919 pl?), JMcD-HC son
**Mary Spencer (b. dpl?, d dpl?) his wife
~~~~married dpl?
***Nettie Mc Dowell (b. dpl?, d. dpl?) daughter DHMcD-MS
***Walter Tovey (b. dpl?, d. dpl?) her husband
~~~~married dpl?
****Irwin Dunbar Tovey (b. 1896, d. dpl?) NMcD-WT son
****Bertram Tovey (b. dpl?, d. dpl?) NMcD-WT son
****Julia Mary Etta Tovey (b. 1903, d. dpl?) NMcD-WT daughter
****Wallace Latimer (b. dpl?, d. dpl?) her husband
**Lydia Ann Mc Dowell (above); JMcD-HC daughter
**Eliza Jane Mc Dowell (b. 1832 pl?, d. 1882 pl?) JMcD-HC daughter
**Harriet Mc Dowell (b. 1837 pl?, d. 1862/70 pl?) JMcD-HC daughter

Key: pl?= place unknown
dpl?=date and place unknown
FS=Fort Snelling (Minneapolis) MN; died of smallpox
PK= Phillipsburg, KS

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